The Manager vs. The Leader Which One Wins?

21.07.19 07:31 PM Comment(s) By Amanda Carrothers

As long as I have been working with people I have confirmed that there are multiple "voices" that way in on every decision, but, I have found, there are two main ones - a leader voice and a manager voice.

The Leader is the expanding part of ourselves that likes to be creative, push, save the day, make up solutions on the spot, pull us in new directions, and not necessarily have it all figured out. The adventure of newness is the name of the game. This is an unbound ideal sense of who we are at our core. It knows no limits.

The Leader in us expands our thinking and action to try new things and taste the world through undiscovered experiences. The Leader shows up when we are genuinely interested in a topic. It's job is to absorb new information to explore and expand our sense of self. In neuroscience this would be considered the Neocortex part of the brain - higher order thinking and problem solving. In systems theory this would be considered the expansion part of our human systems. This is the growth mechanism in our lives.

The manager is the part of us that keeps ourselves safely living each day. I call this the Manager because it is the regulator part of our thinking that keeps us comfortable by doing redundant behaviors/actions, and prefers structure and consistency over new information. The manager is also the part of our thinking that stores memories about the past. It recalls memories when we have an experience in front of us that we have done before. You might recognize My internal manager sometimes says…"ahh you can't do that, that's dangerous" or "are you crazy?" or "I don't feel like it right now" or "why bother?" to name a few. In neuroscience this type of thinking comes from the reptilian part of the brain. This part focuses on the basics of life, breathing, heart beat, sex, food etc. In systems theory, this is the contraction part of the human data system that makes the entire human system stronger to move forward. It integrates data from our sensory perception and combines it with already known data.

As a fully integrated human we need to know and work with both of these aspects of our being, daily.

When we use either one too much we are off balance. We hurt ourselves. We show up as flighty (The leader) or too stuck (the manager) to others and get feedback that we are hard to get along with. We stunt our own growth.

In a position where we want to expand our lives to be a bigger version of ourselves, both aspects need to be feed on a daily basis.

Most of us are so busy and distracted by the demands that are requiring our attention from the wake up time to the sleep time we frequently forget these acts.

I do this by creating routines I stick to daily and have spots in my day where I am involved in something new, something that challenges me or makes me grow, or might be difficult. For example, every morning my manager makes sure I go to the gym for a workout, then breakfast etc. it's my morning routine. My manager can document when I go to the gym and automatically feels like it's achieved something which makes my nervous system relax because the routine is the container for my beingness. Which means that during parts of the day when I am on a phone call (the leader) or I'm in a meeting or with a client, my leader can come out, be creative and play big.

When both of these are tended to everyday progress can be seen.
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