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Amanda Carrothers has empowered the lives of more than 6500 individuals in over 41 countries, transforming their productivity and people skills into profound new levels of success.


As the Founder & CEO of Embody Power, Amanda Carrothers helps both individuals and organizations address their most pressing challenges by helping them align their decisions with subsequent actions.

Embody Power is an internationally acclaimed facilitation, and coaching company providing transformational experiences to each client we serve   coaching company that assists individuals and organizations in the often challenging process of shifting perspectives, while helping people break through professional and personal barriers. 

Working as a trusted partner with her client organizations, Amanda draws on years of research related to the way human beings assimilate information and learn. Her research-based approach further integrates a variety of factors - such as the critical role our physical bodies play in self-development - along with the development of emotional characteristics enabling personal transformations…all of which empower individuals to achieve maximum results when helping organizations bring out the best in people at all levels, from team leaders to employees.

Having a depth of experience in the transformation of major companies, organizations and innovators worldwide, she is recognized for her ability to help both individual practitioners and corporate/organizational leaders release old, outdated patterns - ones that no longer serve an evolutionary purpose - in order to make visionary dreams come alive

Our transformational work consists of organizational assessments, executive and management coaching, strategic business planning, customized training solutions, facilitation of team and group meetings, employee and team interventions.  Once we understand your situation we work with you to determine how we can best assist you to create a healthy, productive and thriving organization and people.   


Long before launching EmbodyPower – today a widely recognized coaching organization - Amanda lived and worked abroad where she excelled in the development of leadership, coaching key executives while providing strategic counsel to clients including: the United Nations and its affiliates, The International Red Cross, The International Labor Organization, The World Health Organization, and The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining.


Amanda’s personal success comes from a passion for maximizing human potential to generate life-changing transformations. She accordingly comes to the table with significant experience in the effective optimization of organizational and professional performance. She shares her knowledge and experience through a trademark coaching program designed to achieve outstanding results – thus impacting, say, a company bottom-line while permanently empowering lives and careers along the way.

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●  B.A. in Psychology: Emphasis on Neuroscience & Adult Learning Theories, University of Colorado-Boulder (2003)

●  Whole Brain Training-of-Trainers Certification (2007)

●  Certified Newfield Network Ontological Coach (2008)

●  Certified in Organizational Culture Change from Living Change, LLC (2009)

●  2 year HakomiBody-Centered Psychotherapy graduate (2009)

●  International Coach Federation Professionally Certified Coach (PCC, 2009)

●  Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator (2009)

●  Certified Cultural Navigator (2009)

● Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator® (2010)
● Certified Leadership & Self-Deception Trainer (2012)
● Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument Certified Trainer (2010)
● Coach Supervisor Certified (In process 2017)
● Breakthrough To Success Training with Jeffrey Combs (2019)

● LogoSynthesis (2019)

Credentials & On-Going Development